Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing But Noodles


You say Yum I say Nothing But Noodles. Not only is this a yummy treat for moms and dads but has a great kids menu and is nothing less than accommodating creating a happy environment for families.

I had the opportunity to go out with a few ladies and kids from my moms group and I think each one of us loved our dishes. I was impressed by the variety of items on the menu including salads, italian, asian, and american. The staff at the Elizabeth Avenue location was amazingly helpful setting up our kids booster and high chairs and giving us tips on food selection.

The children loved their food, the chopsticks holders and triangle crayons (perfect for restaurants since they don't roll off the table) that came with their meal, and our girls loved the atmosphere so much they decided to have their own little dance party.

I loved my Cheesy Chicken With Vegetables: Wok-seared chicken, fresh button mushrooms, carrots and broccoli stirred into our original three-cheese sauce. Served up proper with a fresh mixed green medley.) I even had the option to sub for whole wheat noodles and it was delicious AND healthy.

Just writing this review is making me hungry and without a doubt I can say that I will definitely return to this restaurant for it's cleanliness, friendliness, tasty food, and most of all because it's so family friendly.

PS I just realized they have cotton candy. I'm hooked!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jelly Telly??


From the makers of Big Idea, Veggie Tales, 3,2,1 Penguins, and more fun Christian programming comes...... JELLY TELLY!!

Since my introduction to Veggie Tales at Sunday School, (as a high-schooler,) I have loved these cute crudites! Bob and Larry made me laugh while reminding me about the simple things that God is constantly teaching us. Even though these animated story tellers were geared towards children it's easy for anyone to catch on, and end up rolling on the floor laughing.

I knew that when I had children I would want them to watch Veggie Tales too. So, I asked for the videos at each holiday and bought a few myself. Most of them are VHS but someday I'll work towards a DVD set.

Just this year we found out that Veggie Tales are now..."On TV!!!" It's basically a new introduction and lead into the story but they've kept most of the same stories to teach Sunday Morning values.

Jelly Telly is a fun website that features Christian media, including games and videos. It's a great way to get more of the great message of the Bible to our youngsters. Co-Creator of Big Idea, Phil Vischer wants to "Bring the Bible to Life." Not only are they providing great materials but they're also inspiring and hiring upcoming new Christian children media designers. Which I think is pretty cool.

They have everything from animation to puppets to human actors. I feel like they have something for everyone, so if you get a chance to go to their website: Jelly Telly
check out some of the fun characters and creations.

Also for those of you Veggie fans Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella will be released in the U.S. and Canada on DVD on July 31st in Christian bookstores and August 1st in the general market.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stroller Fit


Want to get a great workout? Love interacting with your child? Well you can do them both with StrollerFit!

StrollerFit is a unique workout program that allows expecting, new, and seasoned moms the opportunity to get fit and healthy, socialize with other moms and kids, and helps you get out of the house.

I have been in StrollerFit classes for over 4 months and one of the main reasons I love it is because my daughter watches me workout and even joins in. She's learning that it's important to make time to be healthy and the best part is that we're both having fun doing it!

If I asked Avery about StrollerFit she would tell me that she loves seeing her friends, and pretending to be a rocket ship when mommy blasts her off the ground.

When I got pregnant I knew that I could continue StrollerFit because they work with you at any physical level you are on. My trainers take care to make sure I am getting a good workout and doing moves that will help me through my pregnancy and c-section recovery.

Visit StrollerFit for a great opportunity to get in shape and celebrate being a mommy. Classes are located all across the US so find a location near you! Your first class free, why not come out and try a class? If you're in the Charlotte, NC area mention MommyBKnowsBest and receive 50% off either your first month or your StrollerFit Kit.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Chix

I've always heard that after your first pregnancy your belly pops out faster. My response?? WORD!!! As my belly is ever so growing with Baby B #2 clothing becomes even more pressing. While I have a few items from when my daughter A was born Virginia weather seems to be a little cooler, so secretly happy me is on the search for a few new pieces for my wardrobe.

I found a hip, fun, maternity line started by two women who are now moms themselves. Hot moms like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie have adorned themselves with 2chix so why can't I????

Although I haven't actually tried their product they have super cute designs. A few of my favorites are:

This is how I roll
Haute Mama (the sleeves on this one are tres cute!)

and my personal favorite because with this pregnancy I'm ALWAYS starving...

If you've got a bun in the oven or trying for baby these shirts look comfy and what better way to tell people, "I'm pregnant back off?!?," in a funny, chic way? 2chix is giving each person who uses our promotion code 20% off their order. So check out 2chix website and enter PLAYGROUNDDIVAS for your discount through 10/31/09!!

What's the Buzz?

Being a mom, and an opinionated one at that I love reviewing products and places. Trying new things and most of all sharing the great ones with my mom's group and mom friends across the country.

In an attempt to spread the word about some great products here I go...welcome to MommyBKnowsBest. Feel free to post comments and thoughts or even things you want me to review and check into for a new post!!!

~~It's me MommyB!!!!!~~


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