Monday, November 16, 2009

Birth Theatrical Review

Imagine spending time with the girls enjoying mommy conversations where everyone ends up talking about their birth experience. From c-sections, to nursing, to obs, and hospitals everyone has an interesting story to tell. Sounds like your typical mom's night out right?? Well now it's also a theatrical presentation.

Birth by Karen Brody gives viewers a sneak peek into what it's like for women of varied backgrounds to be the center of this miraculous event. This piece is based on interviews that playwright Karen Brody conducted with moms across America and paints a picture of how low-risk, educated women give birth today.

The characters in this piece are very easy to relate with if you're a mother. Whether it's the down to earth mom, who after she got a taste of actual contractions had three hospital births and 1 in home birth, the momma who saw midwives all throughout her pregnancy and insisted her baby was breech even when no one else would believe her, or the woman who wanted a c-section from the start for planning purposes.

Many women, like the characters in this performance, have their "dream" birth. You know, the one we all dream of?? Peace, love, and harmony, floating on a cloud of awesomeness while delivering our little angel?

Well, sometimes things just don't turn out that way. While I never knew I would have a c-section with Little Miss "A" I did experience the doctors talking about sports and didn't have that immediate one on one time with her that I would have wished. This time I am again choosing c-section for health and yes somewhat planning reasons. Family will be able to help with Avery and be able to be here when the baby is born and for me having a c-section as opposed to a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC) will not effect me in the long-haul.

Personally I see a lot of the individual stories leading the viewer towards natural, unassisted births and alleging that hospitals have their own agendas making sure the baby is safe and they are not at risk for a lawsuit. I do understand that some mothers can be traumatized especially when something they don't expect to happen in labor and delivery happens.  I always say expect the worst and hope for the best instead of setting yourself up for failure when the birth doesn't go exactly as planned. Of course it's always best to research, research, research.

From what I understand Birth is about empowering pregnant women to make their own choices for their own bodies when it comes to laboring and delivering their child. I know we as a race are strong and yes, "We Rock," and I think when it comes down to it we're blessed with a beautiful child.

I had the amazing opportunity to view the final dress rehearsal of Birth by the players of Bold Charlotte. Thanks again for the amazing invitation and the great performance. You can find performances in your area here.

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